daniele jost

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daniele jost artists berlin 2015

Exploring resilience

an exhibition project by peninsula.land. view details

R-1200 – Resilience Segment, 2015120m of iron band saw on paper

“R-1200 is a real segment of the driving force and relentlessness that generates a scratch, a cut, a separation from what we knew to what we should get to know”
Exploring resilience led me to focus on the moment of these “breaks”, when there are forced changes and consequences that these actions generate. I emphasize the interaction between nature and artifice, exploring phenomena through a concrete object, collecting records of past resilience, like a seismograph.
I used the blade of a band saw, assigning it an embodiment of an object, a symbolic identity as a metaphor of the action / friction that generates states of resilience.
This blade was bent and wrapped in a circular spiral obtaining a form with the aspect of a section of a cut tree trunk.
This parallel of shapes, offers the opportunity to take an alternative reading key; if it concerns a tree, we can read the history of its “experience” through these concentric rings, so we can assume if we unroll the tape-saw and study the inside, the signs and labels, the notes and demarcations: they will tell us the story of the blade, and its interaction with the external realities, in other words, the point of resilience creation.